Association for Bahá’í Studies Conference


‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s charter for sustainable development

  • Picture of presenter: Nabil in a professional outlook Nabil Leonard Khodadad

‘Abdu’l-Bahá and the peace movement

  • Picture of presenter: A very smiley Amin Amin Emilio Egea

An exploration of methodology in education

  • Picture of presenter Sam Settelmeyer
  • Picture of presenter Thaddeus Herman
  • Picture of presenter: Zaynab with a Mona Lisa smile Zaynab Gates

The capacity to build, resist, define and redefine: research & lived experience among BIHE students

  • Picture of presenter: Kimiya flashing a beautiful smile Kimiya Tahirih Missaghi
  • Picture of presenter: Shakib rocking a plaid shirt Shakib Nasrullah

Reflections on the challenge of our time

  • Picture of presenter Paul Lample

Encouragement, Challenges, Healing, and Progress: The Bahá’í Faith in Indigenous Communities

  • Picture of presenter Alfred Kahn Jr.
  • Picture of presenter Jeff Kiely
  • Athena Cholas Pratt
  • Picture of presenter: John smiling with his arms crossed. the Grand Canyon is in the background John Fitzgerald Medina

‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s prophecy – American Indian ways of thinking & being as a form of holistic illumination

  • Picture of presenter: John smiling with his arms crossed. the Grand Canyon is in the background John Fitzgerald Medina

The biology of oneness: Achieving health equity above the skin and below the skin

  • Picture of presenter Jasmine Miller Kleinhenz

‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s tablet to Dr. Forel

  • Picture of presenter: Saba smiles warmly in a business suit and blue collared shirt. The photo is informal, with a walkway among trees in the background. Saba Mahanian

Evolution, design, and faith

  • Picture of presenter: Roger looks into the distance during a video call Roger Neyman
  • Picture of presenter: Robert in glasses and blue shirt looking serious Robert Sarracino

Science and Religion in Dynamic Interplay

  • Picture of presenter Todd Smith
  • Picture of presenter Tara Raam
  • Picture of presenter Whitney White Kazemipour
  • Picture of presenter Stephen Friberg

The harmony of science and religion: bias, diversity and the brain

  • Picture of presenter: Dan in a professional attitude on a background of palm fronds Dan Radecki

Neurodiversity: a key to growth in the Faith

  • Picture of presenter: Sergio has his long hair in a white headband and smiles for all its worth Sergio Rivera

Ideas, Religion, and Social Change: The Baha'i International Community and the United Nations

  • Picture of presenter Julia Berger

Reflections on the use of Randomized Controlled Trials

  • Picture of presenter Stefan Faridani
  • Picture of presenter Ryan Siegel

Reconsidering the Civil Rights Movement in the Footsteps of ʻAbdu'l-Bahá

  • Picture of presenter: June with glasses, short hair, and the sweetest smile June Manning Thomas

Toward a protagonist-centered Black history

  • Picture of presenter: Closeup of an amused Malik Otha Malik Nash

Power to the pupil: towards a new Black liberation theology within the framework of the Bahá’í Faith

  • Picture of presenter: Masud in tshirt and formal jacket smiles Masud Ashley Olufani

Wings of knowledge: Empowering youth to improve their rural communities

  • Picture of presenter Vahid Motazedian
  • Picture of presenter Bradley Wilson

Learning from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in a society characterized by ageism

  • Picture of presenter: Deborah in blue smiles surrounded by her impressive library Deborah K. van den Hoonaard

‘Abdu’l-Bahá as architect of the World Order of Bahá’u’lláh

  • Picture of presenter: John's best known smirk John S. Hatcher

Remembering the Master: two new books from the US Bahá’í publishing trust

  • Picture of presenter Amy Renshaw
  • Picture of presenter Angelina Diliberto Allen

Combating corruption and promoting integrity in global water governance

  • Picture of presenter: Darren looks at the camera with a great smile Darren Hedley

Knowledge generation and policy: Bahá’í perspectives and emerging knowledge communities in China

  • Picture of presenter: May looking ready to take on any challenge May Farid

The advancement of social science methodologies

  • Picture of presenter Michael Karlberg
  • Picture of presenter Mariam Ashtiani
  • Picture of presenter Negin Toosi

A new balance and new direction: Reflecting on the U.S. Bahá’í Office of Public Affairs Advancing Together Symposium

  • Picture of presenter PJ Andrews
  • Picture of presenter May Lample
  • Picture of presenter Kenneth Bowers

Convergence: Cities, Spirituality and the Future of Civilization

  • Picture of presenter Mark Perry

‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s discourse and action on agriculture inspires contemporary food system visions

  • Picture of presenter: Paul giving a speech Paul John Hanley
  • Picture of presenter: Hugh smiles in Haiti Hugh Locke

‘Adasiyyah: a study in agriculture and rural development

  • Picture of presenter: Gary sits in front of a soundboard in a recording studio. Gary Arthur Reusche

A Lakota Bahá’í approach to applying critical pedagogy in the classroom

  • Picture of presenter: Jelana smiles surrounded by artwork Jelana Bighorn

Reflections on advancing racial justice through education

  • Picture of presenter: Zaynab with a Mona Lisa smile Zaynab Gates
  • Picture of presenter James Crawford
  • Picture of presenter Andrew Matschiner

Red Summer of 1919 and the American Bahá’í community’s response to racial injustice

  • Picture of presenter: Jian at home Jian Khadem Khodadad

Understanding interracial unity in the American university

  • Picture of presenter: Timothy on the Mesa Timothy Levonyan Radloff

A ladder to the soul: developing artistic frameworks

  • Oak Ritchie
  • Benn Good
  • Emiliano Morondos

Encouraging the arts during the ministry of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá: the services of master calligrapher Mishkín-Qalam

  • Picture of presenter: Nooshfar wearing glasses and smiling at the camera Nooshfar Afnan

Applications from higher education research to Bahá’í practice: deepening, action, and reflection

  • Picture of presenter: A very serious Will in jacket and tie looks off to the side Will Rickards

Using systems science to support a learning mode in teams

  • Picture of presenter: Kurt wearing glasses on a wood background Kurt Kreuger

A rich tapestry

  • Picture of presenter: Nwandi's professional profile Nwandi Lawson
  • Picture of presenter Judith McCray
  • Picture of presenter: Craig holds a camera while at the gardens surrounding the Shrine of the Bab Craig Rothman

Film as a tool for public discourse: race and gender

  • Picture of presenter: Tara in a garden Tara Jabbari
  • Picture of presenter: Anne dressed in her customary colourful ensembles Anne Gordon Perry
  • Picture of presenter: Derik in long dreads and a white dress shirt smiles at the camera and crosses his arms Derik Jalal Smith
  • Picture of presenter: Christina smiles while leaning on a windowsill Christina Wright

Glimpses into the Spirit of Gender Equality - Film Screening and Discussion

  • Picture of presenter: Soraya's short curly hair frame a smile in front of a dark background Soraya Bagheri
  • Picture of presenter: Kyle wears a purple dress shirt in front of a blurred natural background Kyle Schmalenberg
  • Picture of presenter: Nava is smiling in the photo, wearing a shirt with red flowers. She's writing in a notebook and floral artwork is hung behind her. Nava Kavelin

Paving the path toward social justice: advancing the discourse on anti-racism in medicine

  • Picture of presenter: Maryam in a garden Maryam Hockley
  • Picture of presenter: May smiles at the camera. The light from a window illumines the wall behind her May Sanaee
  • Picture of presenter: Shahrzad smiles at the camera Shahrzad Saririan

We are all one: The role of Asians in eradicating anti-Blackness

  • Picture of presenter: Naree smiling Naree Chan

Horizons and mirages: what lies in the future of American journalism?

  • Picture of presenter James Samimi-Farr
  • Picture of presenter Jenn Brandel
  • Picture of presenter Amanda Ripley

Honouring the children: social action for truth, reconciliation and justice

  • Picture of presenter Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond/Akikwe
  • Picture of presenter Roshan Danesh
  • Picture of presenter Jordan Bighorn

Toward a new research program: An interview with the directors of the Center on Modernity in Transition

  • Picture of presenter Shahrzad Sabet
  • Picture of presenter Benjamin Schewel

The Rashh-i-Ama in living color

  • Picture of presenter: Karen looking elated Karen Anne Webb

Research report: the effects of Bahá’í prayers on the moods of undergraduate university students

  • Picture of presenter: Parvaneh smiling happily Parvaneh Nikkhessal Farhangpour

Engaging stakeholders in research endeavours: process and impact

  • Picture of presenter: Anish looking very professional Anish Kumar Arora

Fashion and spirituality: an examination of our relationship to clothing beyond consumption

  • Picture of presenter: Amy smiles down at the camera Amy R Loder